Šibenik archipelago
Šibenik archipelago
LOCATION   Šibenik archipelago
GEO   43°44′″N 015°53′″E
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Tired and cranky of all the work? Can’t stand everyday rush hour and all the traffic jam? Join us on our special designed sailing trip NAUTIC Nature where you will find peace and leave all your worries behind. Specially designed for small group of friends, couples and families

  • NAUTIC Nature
  • NAUTIC Nature
  • NAUTIC Nature
  • NAUTIC Nature
  • NAUTIC Nature
  • NAUTIC Nature
  • NAUTIC Nature
Šibenik archipelago
Price per person from:
1.090,00 €
Package includes:
    NP Kornati/Telaščica fee
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NAUTIC Nature will take you on a sailing trip packed with the exciting visits to places under WHC. You will sail through NP of Kornati and Nature park of Telaščica, swim in natural habitat of NP Krka in one of many waterfalls or simply relax in many other beautiful bays all around Šibenik archipelago


We will set sail from the harbor of Biograd or Šibenik towards northern part of central Adriatic. In 7 day sailing trip we will visit all of the places in Nature park Telaščica and NP Kornati with plenty of opportunity for sightseeing and swimming. After that we will sail towards Šibenik channel and enter delta of river Krka in which we will stop at beautiful old town of Skradin. From Skradin you will have organized tours to NP Krka where you can make hike tour all around wonderful Krka waterfalls and make stops for swimming. On our way back, we will visit the rest of beautiful islands in Šibenik archipelago


1st day:
  • afternoon: 17.00h – embarkation and getting to know each other (overnight stay)
2nd day:
  • morning: departure and sailing towards Nature park Telaščica
  • day: sightseeing and swimming in Salt Lake of Telaščica
  • evening: return to boat and overnight stay
3rd day:
  • morning: departure from Telaščica and entrance to NP Kornati
  • day: discovering Kornati islands with stops for swimming, lunch and refreshments…
  • evening: overnight stay in NP Kornati depending on weather forecast
4th day:
  • morning: exit from NP Kornati and sailing towards Šibenik archipelago
  • day: lunch break , swimming, relaxation
  • evening: overnight stay before entrance to Šibenski channel
5th day:
  • morning: entrance to Šibenik channel and sailing towards Skradin
  • day: discover Skradin, and NP Krka
  • evening: overnight stay in Skradin
6th day:
  • morning: departure from Skradin
  • day: sailing back through Šibenik channel with optional stops for lunch, swimming and refreshment
  • evening: overnight stay on Šibenik archipelago
7th day
  • morning: sailing back towards Biograd
  • day: lunch break, swimming etc…
  • evening before 19.00h: return to Biograd

  • Package NAUTIC Nature can be sold per person or as a private tour
  • NP Krka tickets needs to be purchased up on park enterance
  • Everything purchased outside the package is on expense of clients
  • Package includes tourist taxes and all the rest of administration expenses
  • Minimum number of participants is 4 persons
  • If minimum number of participants isn’t reached, there is surcharge per person for remaining free places. Organizer will contact you in time with all the info regarding the surcharge
  • Since the activities takes place on sailboat and other tips of vessels, advisable is to bring along appropriate clothing and shoes for those activities
  • Optional: possibility of lunch/dinner arrangement up on clients request
  •  Organizer reserves the right to change prices according to availability of all or parts of service included in package
  • In case of bad weather conditions, organizer and/or skipper reserves right to change itinerary
  • Optional transfer from/to airport (on clients request)
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